When you hire a buyer's agent to help you find your new home, the agent will work to find out as much as possible about the property you are interested in so that you can make a good decision.  

If you are not thinking of buying just yet, but rather you're just being nosy, there's some ways you can find out property information for yourself.

First, you can find the history of the transactions of buying and selling of the home on tax records. Additions to the home, and potentially the original plans or a plat plan can frequently be found there too.

Call an insurance agent and you can find out if there has been damages to the proprety.  Insurance agents can tell you if there have been claims on the home so.

If you're just interested in the human factor, like if anyone died there, the fastest way to find this out is to ask the current owners or the immediate neighbors.

Even if the homeowners don't tell you about the little old lady who died there just before they bought it, the neighbors will remember that and feed you all kinds of gossip if you take time to listen to their stories. Remember that this is not necessarily the best kind of reliable sourcing as homeowners and neighbors may have motivations to tell or omit information.

Lastly, Googling an address will sometimes bring up old photos of the home and could help you find out if the house was referred to in any news article.

If you're being nosy, just to be nosy, then we suggest to get a hobby.  If you are being nosy to consider purchasing though, we suggest you call us.  We are happy to do a lot of the snooping for you.