If you watch television shows about buying or selling real estate, they always seem to add in a little bit of stress to keep the show interesting.  The carpet is the wrong size, the paint was the wrong color, they found termites, they have to get everything done within half a day before the decorator shows up.  It's all very dramatic, and staged, and always seems to get managed easily when cooler heads prevail.  

The truth of the matter is that there's always some stress involved in the process.  Moving is never easy, and when you add in the fact that there's so much money on the line, it can get extremely stressful.

That's why you hire an agent to help you mitigate the problems.  You don't want to have to figure out how to negotiate with those sellers, you don't know if that termite damage should be a deal breaker, and you certainly haven't had a lot of experience with finding a great inspector or closing attorney. 

The Realtor you choose is crucial.  A great agent should be able to keep you on track, predict upcoming issues and make moves to avoid problems, and more importantly, keep the progress moving forward without drama.  If a snag occurs, you need someone who thinks on their feet, and can figure out ways to get you back on track.

There's a lot of maneuvering, stress, and planning involved in buying or selling a property.  When you're looking for your agent, ask them to tell you how they handle difficult situations.  Ask them what steps do they take to avoid problems?  These are crucial questions to ask.  If there's no plan, or if the agent isn't able to see potential difficulties, you will be left without coverage.  The moving process is just too stressful for that.  It is better to make sure that you hire a Realtor who can keep you informed, stay on target, kill problems, and make you feel like the whole process was easy.  

If you're looking for that type of Realtor, then call Triangle Trusted.  We are planners, problem solvers, and agents who work in your best interests.  We may even add in a little bit of personal advice if you're asking for it.